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Dear Sir or Madame

Please be invited to familiarize with our offer of products and services. Our company specializes in manufacturing of sheet metal parts, mainly for automotive industry.

There are automatic and manual presses in our equipment. We are taking care about the finest quality that is confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate.

Our company specializes in manufacturing a big variety of metal parts with the help of stamping, forming and cutting technologies. Machines we use are mainly eccentric presses with force from 10 to 2500 kN. There is possibility to produce in manual or automatic process. We are able to handle with big production series thanks to fast machines which can produce up to 300 parts per minute.

Moreover, please feel invited to send an inquiry for thread forming and cutting, manual assembly and precision assembly services. We have an experience in electronic, electrotechnical and automotive industry. We can also offer sorting of parts after serial production with defects.

We are certified for PN-EN ISO 9001 standard what implicates a high quality of our parts and services.

Experience we earned on German market allows us also to offer nut and bolt pressing in sheet metal parts. Thanks to new PEM press (PEMSERTER 3000) we can get reliable, permanent and precise connections with high durability. Automatic assembly of pressed elements (up to 2000 pc/h) reduces assembling time a lot, what has a big influence for costs. Thanks to that, we are even more competitive on the market.

(original source of presentation - www.pemnet.com)